Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Save the Date!!  

New River Valley Reading Council and 
Radford University's School of Teacher Education and Leadership Present 
our 27th Annual Conference 

 "The Magic of Literacy"
Saturday, September 27, 2014 

 Keynote Speakers: 
Joan Kindig:  intermediate and middle school grades
Cathy Collier: primary grades
Author: Kim Norman

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pinterest and Pizza Party

Who: Any teacher interested in finding new and engaging literacy activities for word study instruction

What: Pinterest and Pizza Party: participants will have the opportunity to make and take several activities to use in the classroom.

When: November 12, 2013
                  5:30-8:00 pm

Where: Riverlawn Elementary School

RSVP: nrvrc13@gmail.com

* For NRVRC members: $2.00 per activity or 4 activities for $5.00
* For non-members: $3.00 per activity or 4 activities for $10.00
**Pizza is included in price

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Exploring Literacy
26th Annual Reading Conference
New River Valley Reading Council  
Radford University's School of Teacher Education and Leadership
Keynote Speakers:
Kelly Cartwright
Tom Angleberger
Breakout Sessions include:
Title & Description
Mr. Sallee Blevins & Ms.  Laurie Chuck
TRICKS FOR TEACHERS—Learn how to use Google’s “operators” to fine-tune searching the web and develop skills to reveal the validity of websites so that you can teach your students to do the same. Also, discover the implications of school internet filters on your students’ research away from school. This session develops web literacy skills that have significance for everyone.
Classroom Teachers, Reading Specialists, Title 1 Teachers, Administrators, Middle and High School
Ms. Marya Katz
CONNECTING THROUGH MUSIC (AN EXPLORATION IN SOUND)—Children’s literature is rich in sound exploration potential. This session will allow participants to experience many different approaches to incorporating music and sound in enhancing poetry and stories, as well as encouraging creativity with both words and sound.
Classroom Teachers, Reading Specialists, Title 1 Teachers, Preschool/Kindergarten, Elementary Grades
Ruth McLachlan
GUIDED READING – HOW TO GET GROUPS “JUST RIGHT”—Scheduling small group reading instruction can sometimes feel like you are putting round pegs into square holes. Not every child is getting the best fit. Giving each student the opportunity to be in their “just right” reading group can be a challenge in a classroom full of diverse learning needs. How can data be used to make sound instructional decisions and structure reading groups to meet the needs of all students? How flexible should groups be? Where is the balance in a literacy program if all the instructional time is spent in small groups? Join this session for a closer look at small group reading assessment, placement and scheduling.
Classroom Teachers, Reading Specialists, Title 1 Teachers, Administrators, Special Educators or Interventionists, Elementary Grades
Mrs. Wendy Phillips
IRead with iPads—This presentation will demonstrate how iPods & iPads can be utilized to enhance literacy instruction in 21st Century Classrooms. Participants are encouraged to bring their own devices for active involvement.
Classroom Teachers, Reading Specialists, Title 1 Teachers, Administrators, Special Educators, Preschool/Kindergarten,  Elementary Grades
Dr. Leslie Daniel
LITERACY INSTRUCTION AND STUDENTS WITH AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDERS (ASD)—When teaching literacy to students with ASD it is best to begin by presuming competence. From this perspective we will discuss how teachers, parents, and others can provide opportunities for multiple means of expression, multiple forms of literacy, and acceptance  that the student’s outward performance may not match her or his interest, ability, or effort.
Classroom Teachers, Reading Specialists, Title 1 Teachers, Administrators, Special Educators, Preschool/Kindergarten,  Elementary Grades, Middle School
Dr. Nancy Bradley
MAKING VOCABULARY STICK—THE SOCIAL CONSTRUCTION OF “KID-FRIENDLY” DEFINITIONS—How much can students really learn about new vocabulary words by copying definitions from a dictionary? By pulling away from traditional methods of vocabulary instruction and engaging students in the social construction of developmentally appropriate vocabulary definitions, teachers can increase the likelihood that their students will truly “know” the vocabulary words they are teaching. In this session we will discuss strategies to engage elementary learners in the formation of “kid-friendly” definitions that will increase overall vocabulary knowledge and the retention of word meanings.
Elementary Grades
Ms. Cindy Rosenbaum
STARTING A SUCCESSFUL READER’S WORKSHOP IN GRADES 2-5—Looking forward to beginning a Readers’ Workshop in your classroom? In this workshop we will map out how to get started. We will discuss the logistics of managing time, how to teach workshop procedures and routines, tools for assessing students, book suggestions for mini-lessons and text sets, and book suggestions to engage reluctant readers.
Classroom Teachers, Elementary Grades 2-5
Kelly Cartwright
FEATURED SPEAKER INFO:  WHAT CAN “WORD CALLERS” TEACH US SO THAT WE CAN TEACH THEM—Word callers—children who decode fluently but show surprisingly low comprehension—make up almost a third of struggling readers. In this session, we will take a fresh look at these students, whose inflexible focus on words teaches us much about successful comprehension. In our discussion we will revisit our conceptions of comprehension, yielding insights and take-home strategies for helping students achieve a more meaning-focused approach to print.
Kelly Cartwright
BREAKOUT SESSION: HELPING “WORD CALLERS” ACHIEVE BETTER COMPREHENSION PROMOTING THE SHIFT TO MORE ACTIVE FLEXIBLE THINKING ABOUT PRINT—Word callers decode fluently but demonstrate comparably poor comprehension. This session will build on the background provided in the Keynote Address and present research-tested strategies for helping these inflexible readers make the shift from decoding-focused to meaning-focused reading.
Classroom Teachers, Elementary Grades, Reading Specialists, Title 1 Teachers
Dr. Holly Robbins
REVIVING YOUR WRITING WORKSHOP—In this session we will examine common student writing challenges and mentor texts that can help teachers address these challenges.
Classroom Teachers, Elementary Grades K-5
Mrs. Debbi Fewster
VOCABULARY STRATEGIES—WHY? & HOW?—This workshop will equip you with strategies for incorporating vocabulary instruction into your day. We will discuss ways you can fit vocabulary instruction into whole group, small group and independent work. Teachers will walk away with simple things that you can put into place on Monday morning!
Classroom Teachers, Reading Specialists, Title 1 Teachers, Administrators, Elementary Grades
 Ms. Lauren Catherwood-Ginn
USING AFRICAN AMERICAN CHILDREN’S LITERATURE TO TALK ABOUT RACE IN THE ELEMENTARY CLASSROOM—Pre-service and in-service teachers will begin to question their existing assumptions regarding race and ethnicity. They will leave with tools and strategies for beginning racial dialogue within their classrooms, and they will have a list of meaningful, developmentally appropriate multicultural texts that can serve as a foundation for classroom discussion.
All educators, All levels
Tom Angleberger
FEATURED SPEAKER: MAY THE BOOKS BE WITH YOU—Tom Angleberger talks about the power of books, the importance of books, the enemies of books and the Superheroes of Books! (That’s you) He will teach you how  to fold your own Origami Yoda when you need a little help fighting the Dark Side.
Dr. Gaston Dembele
INTEGRATING MULTICULTURAL CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENT LITERATURE INTO INSTRUCTION—This presentation will (1) outline strategies used to sustain a multicultural teaching support group (composed of three pre-service teachers and a teacher educator); (2) describe guidelines for integrating multicultural children and adolescent books; and (3) engage participants in reading and discussing a children’s book, Masai and I (Kroll, 1992).
Classroom Teachers, Reading Specialists, Elementary Grades, Middle School
Brooke Blanks
YOURS, MINE, OURS: STRATEGIES FOR INCLUSIVE MIDDLE SCHOOL LANGUAGE ARTS—Teachers can’t possibly individualize for 30 kids, so they need to plan using “user friendly” strategies to address different readiness levels, interests, and student profiles. Tiered instruction allows the teacher to make slight adjustments within the same lesson or unit for different learners.
Classroom Teachers, Reading Specialists, Administrators, Middle School,
Dr. Don Langrehr
DEVELOPING A READING-WRITING-CRITICAL THINKING CONNECTION WITH CHARACTER/CONCEPT METAPHORS—Descriptive writing using metaphors can be facilitated with direct instruction and modeling of the brainstorming process. Teachers will learn how to use simple graphic organizers to help students connect figurative language with characters, historical figures, and mathematics and science topics. Participants will leave with a writing strategy they can use in all subject areas immediately.
Classroom Teachers, Elementary, Middle, and High School
Melissa Kile, Elizabeth Kile, Stacy Ragland
INDEPENDENCE & INSTRUCTION DURING YOUR LITERACY BLOCK—Do you think it’s impossible to integrate independent reading, partner reading, and word work during your literacy block , and STILL work uninterrupted with guided reading groups and individuals? We will discuss how to get started with the Daily 5 management system and how to keep your guided reading instruction and independent practice running smoothly.
Classroom Teachers, Administrators, Elementary Grades K-5


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

“Exploring Literacy

New River Valley Reading Council and Radford
University Invite You to Our 26th Annual Conference 

Saturday, September 28, 2013
Radford University

With Keynote Speakers Tom Angleberger and Kelly
Informative breakout sessions to fit the needs of all literacy educators.
Registration forms will be posted on the blog at the beginning of September.

Friday, May 24, 2013





Monday, February 4, 2013

Pinterest Party

Join the New River Valley Reading Council as we host a literacy-focused Pinterest party. Participants will make and take a variety of activities that can liven up word study instruction!


Date: Tuesday, February 12

Time: 5:30 until 8pm

Location: Montgomery County’s Government Building in

Christiansburg, VA (750 Imperial Street—Reading Road entrance)


Cost for NRVRC Members: $2.00 per activity or four activities for $5.00

Cost for non-Members: $3.00 per activity or four activities for $10.00 

(Cash or check only, please!)


Please RSVP by Friday, February 8th by visiting:


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fall Social and Book Swap

New River Valley
Reading Council
Book Swap
& Supper

Let’s meet at Gillie’s for our
fall gathering. Please bring a
book you’ve enjoyed but no longer need. We’ll swap books and go home with a new, fun read for winter break.

 November 27, 2012
5:30 PM – 7 PM

Gillie’s Restaurant
153 College Ave
(540) 961-2703

Dinner is free for members.
RSVP to Peggy Kincaid           pkincaid@mcps.org